Black Rhino Cannabis Strain



Black Rhino Cannabis Strain

Buy Black Rhino Cannabis Strain Online Europe. Like rhinos of any color, Black Rhino is rare. And it might stay that way; this strain rates relatively low among patients who have tried it. It’s an effective medication, but it’s not the most unique or potent strain on the market. Indeed, it’s really only on the market in California, and even there it’s scarce. Black Rhino has a sweet berry flavor and a floral aroma.

The buds are light green with a frosting of trichomes and light strands of brown. Some sources claim soaring THC levels, but customer ratings don’t really support that. More reliable tests peg THC at about 16-24%, while CBD concentrations are very low, well below 1%, meaning you probably shouldn’t use this strain to treat seizures or other problems that can be treated with CBD. But you can use it to relieve anxiety, lack of appetite, nausea, pain, and insomnia.

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