Geek’d Extracts Delta-8 + THCO Disposables | 2.5g



Geek’d Extracts Delta-8 + THCO Disposables | 2.5g

Buy Geek’d Extracts Delta-8 + THCO Disposables | 2.5g Online. Geek’d Extracts brings you their 2-in-1 style disposable. Each disposable contains a total of 2500mg of unique cannabinoid blend distillate plus potent terpenes. These disposable devices allow users to switch from an Indica strain or a Sativa strain by moving a switch located on the device.

The benefits of being able to switch back and forth give users the best of both worlds as far as the desired effects go. This device takes a USB type C Cable to recharge. Each 2-in-1 flavor per disposable contains an Indica and Sativa. Users have stated that Indica is great for relaxation and sleep while Sativa is great for energy and focus. Check these new disposables out as we are sure you will love them as much as we do.

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Blackberry Kush / Sour Diesel Sauce – Indica/Sativa, Cherry Pie / Sojay Haze Sauce – Indica/Sativa, Ice Cream Cake / Animal Mintz Rosin – Indica/Sativa, King Louis Gas / Ghost Train Haze – Indica/Sativa, Pink Runtz Sauce / Orange Soda – Indica/Sativa


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