Maui Wowie Budder (Sativa) – PHC Extracts




Maui Wowie Budder (Sativa) – PHC Extracts

Buy Maui Wowie Budder (Sativa) – PHC Extracts Online. Maui Wowie’s effects can help relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic depression. This is likely tied to some of the strain’s Indica genetics. Most users report having dry eyes and dry mouths and being able to stir creativity. It’s known to cause a substantial increase in appetite.

The golden color of Maui Wowie Budder from PHC Extracts is reminiscent of those stellar sunsets on the Hawaiian islands. If you’re in the EU and a long way from Maui — don’t worry; Maui Wowie Budder will let your mind soar across the sky for hours on end.


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